Nexus has the solutions to specific needs

Specific needs often require bespoke solutions.

Wastewater treatment embodies both the precision of science and the finesse of artistry, an equilibrium where challenges are met by assessing site specifics and tailoring solutions to individual customer needs. Our approach is based on the amalgamation of knowledge, years of experience, and collaborative efforts with our partners.

Our offerings encompass bespoke solutions for on-site, decentralised, water recovery, rooted in natural treatment methodologies, without the need for chemical interventions.

Compact Nature-based Solution (Compact NbS)

We offer this decentralised, integrated Nature-based solution for the onsite treatment of used water for recovery and reuse of the regenerated water. We show how to replace the linear use of water resources with circular, closed-loop systems that imitate Nature.

The plant-microbial system is based on functional interactions in natural food webs. It consists of two compact circular modules representing aerobic and anaerobic treatment conditions. Enhanced thermo-hydraulic processes and functions of the system speed up the treatment.

Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICW)

moor, high moor, swamp-2796052.jpg

The integrated constructed wetland (ICW) is a holistic approach to the design of treatment wetlands that takes economic, social, environmental, and landscape aesthetic aspects into consideration in its design, construction, and operation. Moreover, the incorporation of wetlands into the landscape enhances biodiversity.

A fully natural way to regenerate clean water for those with a larger land area.  Over an area of a typical football field, hundreds of cubic meters are naturally slow-filtered through submerged or floating wetlands.

Our technical specialist, Miklas Scholz, has over 20 years of experience designing, building and managing ICWs in various climates around the world.

Containerised drinking water:
Nexus S-Range

Potable Water for Small Communities and Industry.
Raw water treatment up to 900 m3/day. 

Specific treatments:
– Turbidity, pesticides, smell, colour, taste (STC series)
– Iron, manganese (MFC series)
– Arsenic (ASC series)

Covers 60% of water qualities.
Suitable for rural areas and city centers.

Container-mounted systems for quick assembly “Plug – Play”
High Performance – Simple – Economical

  • >95 L of drinking water from 100 L of raw water
  • Low energy cost: < 0.3 kWh/m3
  • 100% Automatic + GSM connection
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifespan of materials (3 years minimum)
  • Solar power (optional)

Oil-spill remediation in water

The Nexus containerised bio-remediation system naturally cleans water contaminated with oil and other hydrocarbons.
The contaminated water is treated in the container, where a consortium of oil-eating microbes purifies the water. 
This system clean up oils and toxic substances in water from storm water, construction sites, oil spills, storage facilities, or oilfield waste, providing on-site, decentralised treatment.

    • Natural specialised microbial formulations
    • Spills treated quickly in place, typically 3 cubic m/hr/container
    • Modular and flexible system, adapted for site-specific conditions
    • Filters can be added to treat e.g. PFAS
    • Safe for humans, fish & other wildlife
    • A faster, more cost-effective method with proven results
a pile of natural paper pulp absorbent that sucks up the oil
oil spill in harbour

Nexus offers a bio-absorbent, made from paper pulp that is hydrophobic and super effective in absorbing spills of oils, fats, petrol, diesel, glycol, formic acid and more. A front-line emergency or post-emergency cleanup method.
Easily self-administered: pour, spread, sweep up & dispose.
1 kg of material can absorb 14 kg of oil. Available in 1kg – 70kg bags.

    • Made from natural Swedish paper pulp
    • Absorption capacity 14 times its own weight
    • Easily spread, fast absorption
    • Floats on water & keeps absorbed oil in the material
    • Environmentally friendly and easy to use

Solar Desalination to drinking water

Potable Water from salty or bacteria water, completely off-grid.

– Focus on crisis & disaster situations
– Desalination that is simple & inexpensive
– No chemicals, filters or membranes

Container or modular solution, quick assembly “Plug & Play”
Service payments: Pay for the water you sell/consume (all regulated within the framework of a leasing agreement)

  • Mobile container format 
  • Compact turnkey solution 
  • Scalable, connected in parallel or series
  • Powered by renewable energy: sun, water, wind or wave power
  • No wasted water in the process
  • Durable – titanium material
  • Service friendly

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