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Title: Sustainable Water Treatment

Author: Scholz M.

Content: This free on-line book has two volumes comprising six sections in total. Section 1 is concerned with the interface between climate change, water resources and public health. Agricultural water management is covered in Section 2. Sustainable flood retention basins and other drainage systems are analyzed and assessed in the third section. Section 4 deals with water quality challenges and treatment technologies. The book educates on activated carbon, pyrolysis and graphene fundamentals and practices in Section 5. Finally, Section 6 covers topical water system modelling challenges such as water pipe leakage control topics.

Title: Water, The Environment and The Sustainable Development Goals

Authors: Dehghani M. H., Karri R. R., Tyagi I. and Scholz M.

Content: The book details sustainable resource management, water resources utilization and the latest sustainable techniques in water resource management. Future challenges and opportunities in sustainability, providing detailed case studies, are also outlined. Water quality, water pollution, water-borne diseases, water purification, transboundary waters, water and energy, water and the green economy, water cooperation, water scarcity, and the relationship between water environments and sustainable development goals are the key subject areas covered.

Title: Wetlands for Water Pollution Control

Author: Scholz M.

Content: This third edition covers water and environmental engineering aspects relevant to the drainage and treatment of stormwater and wastewater, providing a descriptive overview of complex ‘black box’ treatment systems and general design issues involved. Standard and novel design recommendations for constructed wetlands and related sustainable drainage systems are assessed.

Title: Nature-Based Solutions

Authors: Dimitrakopoulos P. G., Pagnotta M. A., Scholz M. and Noorani A.

Content: Nature-based solutions is a special interdisciplinary topic of the publisher MDPI reflected in the journals Diversity, Forests, Land, Plants and Sustainability. The book is concerned with the protection, restoration and management of ecosystems. Key topic areas: Ecosystem services, sustainable management of water systems, coastal areas, arable, grassland and forest areas; creation of green zones in and around urban and peri-urban areas; ecosystem restoration; ecosystem-based adaptation and climate change adaptation; natural and green infrastructure elements; ecosystem-based management approaches; ecosystem and biodiversity conservation; circular economy; contribution of nature-based solutions to reduce the risk of future pandemics.

Title: How Activated Carbon Can Help You—Processes, Properties and Technological Applications

Author: Scholz M.

Content: Activated carbon has many potential applications in both the liquid and gas phases. How activated carbon can help practitioners in industry is explained. This practical teaching article introduces the first part of the special issue on Recent Advances in Applied Activated Carbon Research by providing a handbook explaining the basic applications, technologies, processes, methods and material characteristics to readers from different backgrounds.


Title: Climate Change in Water Management: How Do You Manage Floods from Storms and Low Water from Droughts? – Adaptation to Climate Change in Water Management through Sustainable Wetland Management