World Water Day – clean water is a human right!

We are a committed change agent, providing clean water globally.

Nexus By Sweden understands the importance of water as a valuable resource for all.  We join the UN World Conference on World Water Day, highlighting the importance of the global availability of clean water as a human right
We actively promote the natural purification and regeneration of water.

Just like a natural wetland, the processes in our Nature-based System (NBS) purify wastewater naturally, without the need for chemicals.  Engineered to be smaller, with enhanced quicker processes, results in maximum efficiency.  Water that takes months to purify in a wetland, takes only hours in our NBS.

There is a lack of water in many parts of the world. We want to see our NBS installed everywhere, alleviating the stress of communities, farms and businesses’ lack of water. From island communities in Gotland, Scotland and the Caribbean, African villages to industry, landfills and carwashes – the client base is endless.

Join us in highlighting the importance of mitigation actions against the severity of climate change.  Partner with us to implement these actions to achieve positive change.

We are committed to making 2023 the watershed moment that turns the tide, allowing clean purified water for all.