World Wetland Day – Nexus’ Miklas Scholz is presenting


We are proud to announce that our NEXUS Technical Specialist, Prof. Dr. Miklas Scholz, is one of the speakers presenting his latest book entitled “Sustainable Water Treatment” at the World Wetlands Day 2024 on Friday, 2 February at 10:40 CET.

The talk presents his new MDPI book comprising six sections, highlighting the role of sustainable treatment wetland systems.

Section 1 is concerned with the interface between wetlands, climate change, water resources and public health. Water-related impacts of climate change on agriculture and subsequently on public health are also assessed.

Agricultural water management is covered in Section 2. Novel water retention methods involving wetlands as well as nutrient management technologies and strategies are introduced. The water-energy-food nexus is researched.

Sustainable flood retention basins and other wetland systems are analysed and assessed in the third section. Methods to evaluate the risk of dam failure concerning large-scale wetland systems are proposed. The prediction of multiple functions of sustainable flood retention basins under uncertainty via multi-instance multi-label learning is covered.

Section 4 deals with water quality challenges and wetland treatment technologies.
The book educates on activated carbon, pyrolysis and graphene fundamentals and practices in Section 5.

Finally, Section 6 covers topical water system modelling challenges such as water pipe leakage control topics.

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