Circular vs Linear

The multiple benefits of the nature-based systems we design and deliver become evident in their small footprint and water reuse capabilities.

The traditional linear approach to water consumption and centralised wastewater treatment contradict all criteria of sustainability.  Ageing pipeline infrastructure requires new investments and increases the costs of maintenance.  Treated wastewater from centralised wastewater treatment plants seldom meets WHO standards for common pollutants. Such plants are not designed to effectively treat the increasing levels of dangerous persistent organic pollutants (POP), that enter the environment.

Our circular small-scale systems are designed to accelerate biological treatment of wastewater.  They provide numerous opportunities for water retention, reuse and recharging (3R).  The key to cost-effective and efficient treatment of any type of wastewater is in the use of the local microbiome, transplanted parts of the natural ecosystem and bio-augmentation by pollutant-specific microbes.

Such restorative systems create local water security.  They enrich biological diversity, ecosystem resilience, as well as reduce demand for municipal water supply.  
Our nature-based system, on a couple of meters space, is a functional wetland in your back yard.